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Naloxone for Opioid Overdose

Effective July 25, 2021, South Carolina law (44-53-361) requires prescribers to offer a prescription for naloxone hydrochloride or another drug approved by the FDA for the complete or partial reversal of opioid depression to a patient if (a) the prescription is 50 or more MME of an opioid medication per day; (b) the opioid is prescribed concurrently with a prescription for benzodiazepine, or (c) patient presents with certain increased risk for overdose. The Act also requires a prescriber to offer the same patient, or the parent/guardian of a minor patient, overdose education.

To comply with this new law, our patients who receive opioid prescriptions will be offered a naloxone prescription. You are not required to accept it or to have it filled. Offering the prescription does not mean that your physician thinks you are at risk of an overdose. Learn more about Naloxone for Opioid Overdose.