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Our Services


The orthopaedic physicians at Midlands Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery reflect the full spectrum of musculoskeletal care. They have all completed fellowship training in their sub-specialties. Their areas of expertise include spine and cervical, upper extremity, hand, foot and ankle, trauma, pediatric surgery and joint replacement.

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Neurosurgery or Neurological surgery is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions, illnesses and injuries involving the nervous system and its support structures to include the brain, spine and neck.

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Surgery Center

The freestanding ambulatory Surgery Center adjacent to Midlands Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery’s Blanding Street office in Columbia provides an efficient, cost-effective alternative to the traditional hospital stay.

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Pain Management

Not all painful conditions are resolved by surgery or immediately eligible for surgical intervention. Board certified anesthesiologist Dr. Jenna Walters and fellowship-trained, board eligible physiatrist Dr. Simonne Francis work in conjunction with our surgeons to provide non-operative interventions to manage chronic pain.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) takes high-resolution pictures of your bones and soft tissues using magnetic fields and a computer to provide a cross-sectional image of your body. MRI is used to help diagnose torn muscles, ligaments and cartilage, herniated disks, hip or pelvic problems among other conditions.

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Occupational & Physical Therapy

Our skilled therapists are experts in hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. Our staff is highly trained and works closely with the physicians to ensure the best outcome and return to function.

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