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Our Specialties

Orthopedic Surgery Specialties Columbia, SC

Our Specialties

Neck and back pain affect many people on a day to day basis. Our physicians may be able to help you!


Knee pain and injuries are among the most common reasons to visit an orthopedic practice.


Hip pain, no matter how severe, can cause extreme discomfort when walking, sitting, or standing.


When pain or discomfort in your hand or wrist arises, the effects it can have on day-to-day life is infinite.


Pain in the shoulder decreases mobility and makes daily tasks, like getting dressed, working, or sleeping.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine focuses on the treatment and prevention of injuries resulting from athletic activities.


Dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions, illnesses, and injuries involving the nervous system.

The physicians and physical therapy department at Midlands Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery will ensure the most comprehensive approach to help find relief for you in the quickest way possible.
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