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What is Flatfoot?

Flatfoot syndrome is a common, treatable condition also known as fallen arches or pes planus. Flatfoot can lead to discomfort and pain, making it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities. Flatfoot occurs when the arches of your feet lose their natural curve and become flat or entirely absent. The foot’s arch acts as your body’s natural shock absorber, helping you distribute weight evenly during activities like running and walking. If you’re suffering from flat feet, your body’s ability to distribute weight is compromised and can cause a variety of issues. For some, flat feet is a genetic condition passed down through families. 

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Flatfoot Symptoms

Some of the signs of Flatfoot are:

  • Heel and foot pain when walking
  • Persistent pain in the ankle, heel, arch or outer foot
  • A change in your gait
  • Leg cramps
  • Aching in the foot, ankle, and upper calf

    What Causes Flatfoot?

    Most cases of Flatfoot are caused by a combination of factors, which include:

    • Genetics: If your parents or grandparents have flat feet, you’re likely to inherit the trait.
    • Injury: Injury to the foot,especially the arches, can result in flatfoot.
    • Obesity: Excess body weight can put stress on the arches, causing flatfoot.
    • Aging: As we age, tendons and ligaments in the feet may weaken.
    • Pregnancy: Hormonal changes in pregnancy can weaken the arches in the foot.
    • Wearing the wrong footwear: While the right pair of shoes can take you far, the wrong pair can exacerbate the other causes of flatfoot, making symptoms worse.

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    What is The Treatment Of Flat Feet (Flatfoot)?

    There’s effective treatment to relieve the painful symptoms of flatfoot. 

    Treatments include:

    • Finding new footwear- Finding shoes with appropriate arch support is an important step in treating flatfoot issues. Your doctor may recommend specially designed or orthopedic shoes to help correct this issue. 
    • Orthotic devices like arch supports – Arch supports and shoe inserts can help improve the symptoms of flatfoot and add additional support. Your doctor may recommend they be customized, but you can also find some over the counter. 
    • Medication- Over-the-counter anti inflammatories and pain relievers can help manage inflammation that comes with flatfoot.
    • Physical therapyYour provider may recommend seeing a physical therapist who can customize exercises to help you improve the flexibility of your feet and strengthen your arches.
    • Surgical Intervention – In severe cases that don’t respond to the above treatments, your doctor may recommend surgery to repair tendons, fuse joints, or implate an arch-support device. 


    Whether or not surgery is recommended is based on:

    • How bad your symptoms are
    • Results of a physical exam
    • Response to treatment without surgery
    • Outcomes of tests

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