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Benefits of Hip Replacement

When all of the non-operative methods have been considered and are found to be undesirable, hip replacement may be indicated. There are several types of hip replacement that will be discussed later. It must be remembered that hip replacement does not give you a normal joint. It is an artificial joint. It is not as durable and long lasting as a normal joint and it is not as stable as a normal joint.

If a person with a normal joint has a hip replacement, he would not be happy. Similarly, a person with only mild arthritis would not feel a marked improvement with hip replacement. On the other hand, 95% of people with severe arthritis notice a dramatic improvement.

Total hip replacement is one of the most successful of all surgical procedures. A successful result is defined as freedom from pain and restoration of motion as well as function. A successful hip replacement will allow a person to return to the routine activities of daily living. Patients receiving hip replacements must follow some activity restrictions; with hip resurfacing unrestricted activity is allowed.

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