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Discover the exceptional benefits of hip resurfacing with Dr. Gross, a nationally recognized expert. Our advanced hip resurfacing technique closely replicates the natural function of your hip, ensuring minimal bone removal and maximum mobility. We employ a minimally invasive approach, resulting in quicker recovery and exceptional long-term outcomes.

Key Benefits of Our Hip Resurfacing Technique:

  • Total athletic activity with no limitations
  • Reduced risk of hip dislocations
  • Preservation of natural bone
  • Elimination of stem-related thigh pain
  • Enhanced durability of hip joint

Advantages are summarized:

  • Full athletic activity without restrictions
  • No hip instability (dislocations)
  • Bone preservation
  • No stem related thigh pain
  • Longer lasting

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement: A Swift and Efficient Approach

Opt for our minimally invasive hip replacement for a quicker recovery and minimal hospital stay. This advanced procedure, utilizing a small incision, offers excellent pain management and often eliminates the need for blood transfusions.

Precision MRI-Guided Knee Replacement

Whether you need a total or partial knee replacement, our MRI-guided approach ensures precise alignment and implant placement for optimal knee function. This technique is crucial for the long-term success of your knee replacement. ​​MRI-guided knee replacement, also known as MRI-based or MRI-assisted knee replacement, is a surgical procedure that uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology to aid in the precision of knee replacement surgery.

Specialized Revision Surgery for Hip and Knee Replacements

In cases where initial joint replacement fails, our revision surgery offers a solution. Dr. Gross’s expertise in revision surgery for hip and knee replacements is backed by a high success rate, rivaling that of primary surgeries and significantly surpassing industry averages.

Revision knee or hip or joint revision surgery is performed to repair or replace a previously implanted artificial joint (prosthesis) that has failed, become loose, or been damaged over time. This type of surgery is more complex than the initial hip replacement (also known as primary hip arthroplasty) due to various factors, such as:

Bone Loss: Over time, the bone around the original implant may have weakened or deteriorated, making it more challenging to secure the new implant.

Scar Tissue: Previous surgeries can lead to scar tissue formation, complicating the surgical process.

Infection: If the original hip replacement became infected, the revision surgery must also address the infection, which can complicate the procedure.

Implant Wear and Tear: Hip implants can wear down over time due to regular use, necessitating their replacement.

The goals of revision hip or knee surgery include improving or restoring mobility, alleviating pain, and enhancing the overall function of the hip joint. The procedure typically involves removing the old hip prosthesis, preparing the bone for the new implant, and inserting the new prosthesis. In some cases, additional procedures like bone grafting might be necessary to support the new implant.

Dr. Gross and the Midland Orthopedics team are here to help guide you through your hip and knee procedures.

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